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Classes, Experiences & Retreats


Tai Chi in Motion

During this immersive session we will go over some theory and for the majority of the class, delving into the practice of this healing modality. You will gain an understanding of how to apply this towards personal healing and also make use of your skills in a very active or 'busy' atmospheres we often face . Assisting greatly with pain management, awareness and relaxation whenever you require. This 60 minute class will leave you refreshed and vital! The ability to clear your energy field and transmute densities is so essential now more than ever, join us in dropping into the heart.

Yoga and Meditation

Aerial Yoga & Meditation $20.00

Aerial yoga is inspired by traditional yoga asanas, but utilizes the sling (aka hammock) to execute them in a new, fun and unique way. The hammock is suspended approximated 2.5 - 3 feet off the ground. Aerial Yoga will allow you to stretch and experience spinal decompression.
* REQUIRED - You should be comfortable lifting your leg to hip height.
* Those with high or low blood pressure should speak with their doctor prior to participating.
*This class is not recommended for those with nerve pain.
* Inversions are explored during this class.
* This class is offer through Aerial Arts of Rochester and required you to sign their waiver upon arrival.



Restorative Yoga & Sound Bath - Coming Soon!

Flow through restorative asanas while connecting your movement and breathing to live signing bowls, beginning and ending with a meditation.



Mindful Capoeira

Mindful Capoeira is a fitness and wellness practice that develops the whole body through a playful martial art hidden in flowing, dancelike movements. Learn the basics while developing strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, rhythm, agility, reflexes, endurance, and so much more. Music, movements and Afro-Brazilian culture and history make classes unique and challenging. Capoeira can be played by everyone; strength and flexibility are not required - only a desire to learn!

Attire: Wear pants you can move comfortably in and be prepared to go barefoot.

Energy & Soul


There are 7 major chakras that relate to the state of our physical health. Each chakra
corresponds to specific parts of our body, and when our chakras become blocked or stagnant from suppressed emotions / experiences we build blockages in our energetic body that can eventually manifest as disease and health challenges.

Together in this class we will discover how to identify potential correlations between our
energetic body and our physical / mental health. You will also learn a series of specific healing modalities to help heal and rebalance each of your chakras.


The subconscious mind is an extremely complex zone that leaves many people questioning the true meaning or origin of dreams. This course illustrates what specific symbolisms and experiences within dreaming can mean. Topics regarding astral projection, lucid dreaming, and dimension hopping will all be covered. Methods to prevent or encourage these topics will be covered as well. Though this will be a discussion based class, there will be classes that occasionally include making items to use to affect dreaming, like sleep satchels!


We are all created Divine by Design. Reiki means Universal life force energy and is also known
as “laying of hands” healing. In traditional Usui reiki, one must be attuned with the reiki symbols
by a reiki master to become a practitioner. However, we can all practice “self reiki” by being
intentional with our words, thoughts, movements, and emotions. Together we will discover how
we can change our lives with the power of our intention, body, and mind.


Tarot 101 will enable anyone interested in Tarot to learn about the culture and history of card reading while learning to be an independent practitioner. Unlike any other Tarot classes, this class will explore the magical world of Tarot beyond the cards. Students will focus on exploring different card decks and the sacred connection between the reader and their deck. We will of course do a thorough analysis of card meanings using the standard Rider Waite deck and cover card imagery, reversals, card combinations, major and minor arcana suit meanings, and emotional associations with each card. We will also cover the history of the Tarot and how card meanings changed throughout history. Lastly, this class will break the stigma of witchcraft associated with Tarot and emphasize the use of Tarot readings as a spiritual guide to gain higher enlightenment.

Growth & Healing

Create Your Vision Board $20.00

This Vision Board Workshop will jumpstart your journey of inspiration and goal setting! You will get to create your own personalized board to remind yourself of the goals you hope to accomplish in life. Everything you need will be supplied and you can take your vision board home with you afterwards.


Ready to take control of the goals you set? Take part in the Goal Setting & Goal Achieving Workshop to learn how to foster positive habits, set more attainable goals through the SMART strategy, and reach your goals. When you leave, you will be armed with an effective plan and a better understanding of how to use motivation to get where you want to be.

DIY - Crafts & Creations
Wholistic & Lifestyle

In todays society living a plastic and chemical free life is extremely difficult. Within this class, we will introduce homeopathic remedies that promote healthy living. Remedies for illness, skin and hair health, and personal hygiene are just some of the topics to be discussed. Students will be able to use hands-on learning by making personal sized examples of each remedy or blend taught in class.  

Smoothie Ingredients

Learn how to make and utilize my favorite wellness tool: The blood sugar balancing, metabolism motivating, super satiating SMOOTHIE! You'll get to sample a few during class! This class is the perfect way to invest in yourself and your health.

You’ll find this smoothie to be a simple, nourishing way to amp up your nutrition and set yourself up for success everyday regardless of your goals or stage of life. You can adjust the formula to meet your needs whether you're super active, trying to lose weight, dealing with an illness, pregnant, looking to make smoothies for your kiddos or just trying to save time in the morning.

Fresh Organic Vegetables

Growing our own food is becoming more of an essential need and demand. Growing your own food can create a connection with nature and producing your own food creates a unique satisfaction you will want to continue investing in long term. I will share ways to use everyday household items to create a sustainable outdoor/indoor edible garden. You'll learn the fundamental steps to creating garden that can feed 1-5 people, while saving money and time and feeling good about what you eat.


Most FDA approved cleaning products have ingredients that are still considered toxic to humans and even our pets. On top of this, many cleaning companies have a direct relation to the eco crisis we see today. Taking this course provides students with the resources to make their own eco friendly cleaning products for proper house care. Herbs with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties will be explained. Each student will be able to follow along to explanations and demonstrations to make their own example to take home after class.


Water is the worlds best kept secret. As living beings our bodies require living water for optimal
health. Living water has essential minerals that we need and gives us the ability to replenish
and restore our body on a cellular level. Together in this class we will dive deep into the
properties of living water and you will discover how something as simple as changing your water can change your life.

Healthy Food

Having a plan sets you up for success. In this 60 minute class, you'll learn how to plan your meals and some snacks by choosing healthy alternatives. By end of class you'll have a plan in hand that you can execute. In addition, we will show how to make "no bake protein balls" and you can snack on that before you leave!
* Please be cautious if you have a nut or peanut allergy.

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