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Energy & Soul


There are 7 major chakras that relate to the state of our physical health. Each chakra
corresponds to specific parts of our body, and when our chakras become blocked or stagnant from suppressed emotions / experiences we build blockages in our energetic body that can eventually manifest as disease and health challenges.

Together in this class we will discover how to identify potential correlations between our
energetic body and our physical / mental health. You will also learn a series of specific healing modalities to help heal and rebalance each of your chakras.


The subconscious mind is an extremely complex zone that leaves many people questioning the true meaning or origin of dreams. This course illustrates what specific symbolisms and experiences within dreaming can mean. Topics regarding astral projection, lucid dreaming, and dimension hopping will all be covered. Methods to prevent or encourage these topics will be covered as well. Though this will be a discussion based class, there will be classes that occasionally include making items to use to affect dreaming, like sleep satchels!


We are all created Divine by Design. Reiki means Universal life force energy and is also known
as “laying of hands” healing. In traditional Usui reiki, one must be attuned with the reiki symbols
by a reiki master to become a practitioner. However, we can all practice “self reiki” by being
intentional with our words, thoughts, movements, and emotions. Together we will discover how
we can change our lives with the power of our intention, body, and mind.


Tarot 101 will enable anyone interested in Tarot to learn about the culture and history of card reading while learning to be an independent practitioner. Unlike any other Tarot classes, this class will explore the magical world of Tarot beyond the cards. Students will focus on exploring different card decks and the sacred connection between the reader and their deck. We will of course do a thorough analysis of card meanings using the standard Rider Waite deck and cover card imagery, reversals, card combinations, major and minor arcana suit meanings, and emotional associations with each card. We will also cover the history of the Tarot and how card meanings changed throughout history. Lastly, this class will break the stigma of witchcraft associated with Tarot and emphasize the use of Tarot readings as a spiritual guide to gain higher enlightenment.

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