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Let us be your next adventure! Whether its date night, something fun with a friend, or perhaps, some much needed self-care,  find a class, retreat or experience that resonates with you.

Spark is a space. A space that we hold for you to explore all your curiosities. It is the space to heal, grow, create, build and most importantly just BE. The best part? You get to decide your path. 


Spark is a space in which you can dive into all aspects of self. Stay on the surface or get a little deeper. Our classes allow for an anomalous approach to being mindful, grateful and powerful.


Spark’s classes and events center around empowering yourself with knowledge and tools  in which to live a better life. The instructors have a passion for what they teach and want to pass that onto you. At Spark we’ll revisit some of what's been buried, forgotten and or even lost. From herbal remedies, to life force energy to grounding exercises to connect you with the earth. We’ll do this by offering classes that target the physical body, the energetic field, the mind both conscious and subconscious, and our spirit. It is all these things working together that will bring us back into balance and to a place of peace and joy.

Let's Get Acquainted

SPARK was an idea that was ignited after owner, Jennifer D'Ovidio had undergone 4 brain surgeries in January of 2022. In the months following her recovery, she dug down deep and after a lot of therapy and suprisingly more clarity of thought, it became known that creating a space where people could gather to learn, grow, create and heal was the next step her own personal evolution. And now, she hopes it to also becomes yours.

"Join me, find what sparks the light within you and if you feel that light is dim, know that there is a path for you to find what you seek. Start exploring and wander where it leads you..."


Making a Necklace
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