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Tai Chi in Motion

During this immersive session we will go over some theory and for the majority of the class, delving into the practice of this healing modality. You will gain an understanding of how to apply this towards personal healing and also make use of your skills in a very active or 'busy' atmospheres we often face . Assisting greatly with pain management, awareness and relaxation whenever you require. This 60 minute class will leave you refreshed and vital! The ability to clear your energy field and transmute densities is so essential now more than ever, join us in dropping into the heart.

Yoga and Meditation

Aerial yoga is inspired by traditional yoga asanas, but utilizes the sling (aka hammock) to execute them in a new, fun and unique way. The hammock is suspended approximated 2.5 - 3 feet off the ground. Aerial Yoga will allow you to stretch and experience spinal decompression.
* REQUIRED - You should be comfortable lifting your leg to hip height.
* Those with high or low blood pressure should speak with their doctor prior to participating.
*This class is not recommended for those with nerve pain.
* Inversions are explored during this class.
* This class is offer through Aerial Arts of Rochester and required you to sign their waiver upon arrival.



Restorative Yoga & Sound Bath

Flow through restorative asanas while connecting your movement and breathing to live signing bowls, beginning and ending with a meditation.

* Next Class will be in June


Mindful Capoeira is a fitness and wellness practice that develops the whole body through a playful martial art hidden in flowing, dancelike movements. Learn the basics while developing strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, rhythm, agility, reflexes, endurance, and so much more. Music, movements and Afro-Brazilian culture and history make classes unique and challenging. Capoeira can be played by everyone; strength and flexibility are not required - only a desire to learn!

Attire: Wear pants you can move comfortably in and be prepared to go barefoot.

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